Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Friends Don't Let Friends Drunk Dial

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I can't believe this! This was totally my idea! I thought of it first!!! Can anyone vouch for me here? Does anyone remember me talking about this idea a few months ago?

Virgin Mobile wants to help stop you from drunk dialing

We’re not sure we want anyone messing with the hallowed tradition of post-holiday work party drunken booty calls, but starting tomorrow Virgin Mobile, or at least the Australian Virgin Mobile, is going to offer a new service to help stop you from drunk dialing your ex or your boss. You just call up a number, enter the number you want to make sure you don’t call, and then you’re automatically blocked from making calls from that phone until 6am, by which point you’ll probably be passed out on a sidewalk somewhere. It does require you to remember when you’re not drunk that you have this bad habit of making booty calls when you are drunk.
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Monday, November 29, 2004

Everyone Dies: Especially your mommy and daddy

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Thank Brian for passing on this amusing/disturbing gallery of (mercifully fake) awful twisted children's books...

We heart Eva. We hate Ya Ya

Is it?...It IS!!! It's Eva from America's Next Top Model! Posted by Hello

So it's Thanksgiving weekend and we're taking the out-of-town cousins out to the Venice boardwalk. We're sitting on a bench by Muscle Beach when I spot Eva from America's Next Top Model. I immediately begin to hyperventilate and grunt urgently under my breath "oh my god. oh my god. It's Eva. It's Eva". My girl cousins, fellow ANTM fans, heed my call and we begin to debate what to do. Being a jaded LA/NY person, I am at first hesitant to approach her. However, I quickly decide that since I have tourists in tow, it is ok for me to act like one. I first ask her, "Are you Eva from America's Next Top Model?". After she confirms what we already know, we begin to gush, "We're totally rooting for you to win! We're HUGE fans!"....suffice it to say, she allows us to take the picture that you see above and the out-of-towners leave LA satisfied with their quasi-celeb sighting moment.


Monday, November 22, 2004

Ruining My So-Called Fantasy...

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Lindsayism has some nice documentation of Jared Leto's unfortunate kafka-esque metamorphosis (heh heh, there's one for the hard core MSCL fans) into his current idiotic, stuck-in-1994, musician persona. Why can't he just stay the dreamy, dim-witted Jordan Catalano that we all love? Why must he ruin my fantasy by being such a dumbass?...

...So the band sucks, I mean, plays, and oh my god did they blow, but sure enough, the room was chock-full of giggly Wet Seal-clad sorority chicks from FSU, who were all no doubt there to see J_____ C______, Douche's character on the mid-90's TV series.

After the show, my friend the club owner was sitting at the bar talking to some friends when Douche walked by him and totally intentionally ran into him hard with his shoulder and kept walking. What a fucking tool! Who even DOES that?

Later, out on the deck, Douche was holding forth before a giddy cabal of dreamy-eyed coeds. I stood off to the side with my Polaroid around my neck, commenting bitchily with my friends on the sight. He actually said the following, swear to God, may I be struck down if a word of this is a lie or exaggeration:

"It's all about the music, you know? It's not about Hollywood, or who my girlfriend is, or what movies I'm in, like Panic Room, which just came out."...

The Lollipop Guild

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Whoa...could Christina Ricci BE anymore of a lollipop head? Someone needs to do an intervention, pronto! (via the Superficial)

Britney's Potty Break

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Mrs. Federline had to make a pitstop at a Jack in the Box to use the facilities on her way home from Nobu...looks like she had more luck with JITB than we did. (via Stereogum)


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sorry kids, but my computer situation has rapidly deteriorated from bad to ridiculous to throwing it out the window level. Posting will have to wait until tech support (AKA Brian) returns from vacation.


Friday, November 05, 2004

She's Come Undone

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Is that...? No! It can't be?!?! On the RED CARPET?!?! At P. Diddy's birthday?!?! No!

But yes. It is. Tara Reid's left breast. The whole thing. That Tara! She looks so oblivious, smiling away for the paparazzi in these pics that I almost feel sorry for her...Almost...but not quite. Any day when Tara Reid makes an ass of herself is a good day in my book...no wonder I live such a charmed life.

One might ponder how she could possibly fail to notice that her ENTIRE BREAST is hanging out?!?! - I mean, this ain't no nip slip! My theory is that all the plastic surgery has reduced the sensation in her tatas to nil, making this kind of scenario all too likely. Kind of like when you get novacained at the dentist and someone has to tell you that you're drooling a river down your chin.
Check out more coverage of this incident, including Paris' reaction, at Open All Night...good stuff...
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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Real Question Is...

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As always, the British tabloids get it right...(via Gawker)


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Elephant in the Room

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I don't really feel like talking about the Elephant in the Room, aka the Horrible Depressing Thing That Happened To Our Country. But here is an article that pretty much expresses what most of us are feeling...(via gloryfades)

Wallow In Chaos, And Laugh
A pro-Bush outcome and one enormous bitter pill and you without your vodka

Fag Tag is the New Flash Mob

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I love this idea...

Fag Tag is a monthly party that takes over a different nightclub in Sydney each month.

It's about getting together all of your friends – gay, lesbian, straight and all in between – and partying outside of your normal environment. Each month a different, traditionally straight, venue is chosen to be Fag Tagged based on its music and atmosphere. The word is spread among friends to come and party the night away. It's one way of giving gays, lesbians and their friends an alternative night out rather than the usual, limited choices.

It's like a Gay Flash Mob...I would love to do that here, but do it in really straight places...like Yankee Doodle's or something. That would be hilarious...
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More Surreal Life

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The cast for season 4 of the Surreal Life has been announced...It doesn't sounds quite as good as past seasons, but you never know. I have faith...

America's Next Top Model Adrianne Curry
Rap star Da Brat
Former pro wrestler Chyna Doll
Model Marcus Schenkenberg
Jane Wiedlin from The Go-Go's
Actor Christopher Knight (AKA Peter Brady)
Actor Vern Troyer (aka MiniMe)
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Monday, November 01, 2004


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I can not believe that another toddler fell down a well. Hasn't anyone learned anything from Baby Jessica?

Rescuers Pull Ala. Toddler From Well

FRISCO CITY, Ala. (AP) - After a tense 13 hours of prayer and digging, rescue workers pulled a 22-month-old boy to safety Monday morning from an abandoned well where he fell while playing in a vacant lot...


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