Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Oogie Boogie Party

So we got to infiltrate Mike Boogie's Big Brother celebration party at Le Deux on monday. It was quite a scene...C-list reality stars and hollywood douchebags as far as the eye can see. So really, actually, a typical night at a typical Hollywood "hotspot".

For the most part, all of the BB all-stars that we talked to were actually really nice and friendly and seemed like decent human beings- though we purposely avoided the Oogie Mike Boogie, in silent protest of his mysogynist antics. Kaysar was very personable and it turned out that I had gone to UCLA with his friend who was there with him. Marcellas was a doll. And Dr. Will really does seem to have the kind of charisma that enables him to be such a manipulative bastard.

The highlight of the evening was a cameo appearance by Neil Patrick Harris, or as I like to call him, NPH. But, sadly, we missed our moment to get a picture with him. :(


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