Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby Joy!

SUPERMODEL Kate Moss is pregnant with Pete Doherty's baby, his uncle said yesterday.

And gardener Phil Michels added that the couple were overjoyed at the news.

Well I, for one, think it's great !

Dead On

I love this post onthe best and worst things about New York...these are my favorites:

New York is the best place to be heartbroken and aggressive and reckless about it.
If he took your heart, you don't need it. What is a heart, anyhow, it's just a word for suckers. You need bars and drinks so serious you laugh out loud. You need corners. You need the company of drunk strangers. You need to look back at him, that stranger, when he eyes you, across the way there, you need to look right back at him, you need to maybe even talk to him, maybe even take him home, maybe even get up afterwards and say well, thanks, that was nice, and then just never call him again, just let him dissapear like he never existed, like how you felt about him before you met him, because this is New York and you can. Go online. Someone, anyone, is near. Someone will pay you for what you planned to do already.

New York is the worst place to be heartbroken and sad about it.
You can't cry like that, out in public, with people looking, I mean, looking away. You can cry in major transportation hubs, just a little, you can cry in Grand Central if you want, or Penn Station maybe but you can't just cry like that on the street. You are making the street uncomfortable. Napkins don't grow on trees. The waitress is in the back kitchen telling everyone everything you are saying. She's writing it in her blog. There is no where to hide. There's no crying in baseball. Stop it, get sunglasses, go home, even if home is the last stop on the Q. Try not to cry all the way there. If you take a cab, the cabbie will ask and he'll tell you a beautiful girl like you has no reason to cry. If you cry on the train, you will attract lunatics. You will let them hug you,
(via Gawker)


Thursday, October 19, 2006

The gayest thing I've ever seen

Has Tommy Hilfiger come out of the closet yet? Because...Come on...He looks like Liberace.


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