Friday, April 28, 2006

Junkie Scum
This is so disgusting...when is this junkie going to JAIL already??? He's only been arrested like 10 billion times...

Pete injects female fan
DRUG fiend Pete Doherty stoops to a shocking new low in pictures showing him injecting heroin into an unconscious fan.

The junkie Babyshambles singer, who has won the heart of supermodel Kate Moss, was snapped jabbing the pretty youngster as she lay in his squalid kitchen...

(scan via A Socialite's Life)


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

That. Bitch.

First it was my beloved Jakey G. who was under the Snaggletooth's spell...

Now Andy Samberg!!! I hate her. Though she does have excellent taste...Sigh.

Time to watch Lazy Sunday , stuff my face with cupcakes, and grieve.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Please Take Action

This is so disturbing- please clink on the link after you read this and take action...

From an email I received from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

An Indiana mother recently accompanied her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend to one of Indiana's Planned Parenthood clinics, but they unwittingly walked into a so-called "crisis pregnancy center" run by an anti-abortion group, one that shared a parking lot with the real Planned Parenthood clinic and was designed expressly to lure Planned Parenthood patients and deceive them.

The group took down the girl's confidential personal information and told her to come back for her appointment, which they said would be in their "other office" (the real Planned Parenthood office nearby). When she arrived for her appointment, not only did the Planned Parenthood staff have no record of her, but the police were there. The "crisis pregnancy center" had called them, claiming that a minor was being forced to have an abortion against her will.

The "crisis pregnancy center" staff then proceeded to wage a campaign of intimidation and harassment over the following days, showing up at the girl's home and calling her father's workplace. Planned Parenthood's clinic director reports that the girl was "scared to death to leave her house." They even went to her school and urged classmates to pressure her not to have an abortion.

The anti-choice movement is setting up these "crisis pregnancy centers" across the country. Some of them have neutral-sounding names and run ads that falsely promise the full range of reproductive health services, but they dispense anti-choice propaganda and intimidation instead. And according to a recent article in The New York Times, there are currently more of these centers in the U.S. than there are actual abortion providers. What's more, these centers have received $60 million in government grants. They're being funded by our tax dollars.
Please click here to take action and tell your Representative to support a bill that has just been introduced in Congress to stop the fraudulent practices of fake clinics...it's so important!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Holy shit! Denise Richards just filed for a restraining order against Charlie Sheen, accusing him of hitting her, threatening to kill her, visiting child porn websites, and a hell of a lot more...TMZ has the story and the documents. He is denying everything, of course, but you know its all true! He is so fucked.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

I don't know what to make of this website...


...but it somehow makes me feel deeply ashamed of myself.

Very, very strange.

(via popbitch)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All Aboard
If you haven't yet seen the documentary, All Aboard, about the cruise for LGBT families that Rosie O'Donnell and her partner started, I highly recommend it.

Even Howard Stern, who bashed Rosie throughout the 90's was moved by it. And I have to say, this just reinforces for me what I've always felt about Howard Stern- I don't agree with a lot that he says but he seems to be good, intelligent person. I think it says a lot about a person when they can admit they are wrong and change their mind about an issue or a person.

The Malcontent has a transcript of Howard's Sirius show, where he discusses it...some excerpts:

HOWARD: Right. It's so, like, kind of beautiful, and she put together this cruise where they could all be together and not feel so abnormal all the time and be goofed on, and I thought it was great. You know, I really, I gotta hand it to the broad. She did a good job, and she did a good thing for people. You know. And at one point, they pull into, like, The Bahamas, and there's a religious group protesting them, and – it's pretty upsetting.

ROBIN: Yeah, can you imagine?

HOWARD: – in front of little children. It was really weird.

ROBIN: You're just trying to take your kids for a little swim and there's people protesting you.


ARTIE: Yeah, what negative energy that is.

HOWARD: But Rosie –

ARTIE: People have energy to do that.

HOWARD: Yeah, it's insane. But Rosie was like very, very cool about it, and you see her working with these kids, and it was, you know, hey – you can goof on her all you want, but she's doing more than most. She's doing something for people. You know.
The scene where the religious groups are protesting the cruise and the kids are crying seriously broke my heart.

Queer eye for the Stoned Child

THIS is what Carson Kressley chose to wear to a benefit party for the freakin' BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB?!?!
A giant bedazzled pot leaf? Nice, Carson, real nice.

(via Gawker)


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Step in the Right Direction

Perez is reporting that Natasha Lyonne has checked into a rehab in Malibu.

Let's hope it sticks this time. It would be nice to see her pull it together after her dramatic fall from grace.

I loved her in the Slums of Beverly Hills!...

UPDATE: Whitney's apparently back in rehab now too.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How do these people live with themselves?

There are several articles out today about John Travolta and Kelly Preston that discuss their denial about their son Jett's autism. Apparently they won't even admit that he is autistic and certainly won't seek treatment for him, because that would be contrary to the beliefs of Scientology. This is especially sad, considering that treatment for autism is more effective the earlier you begin it. Most autistic kids enter treatment as toddlers. Jett is now 14.

from Hollywood, Interrupted:

...the Scientology couple cannot even publicly admit that their son is afflicted with a neurological disorder, lest – according to the incontrovertible doctrine of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard – he be labeled a “degraded being” that brought his affliction onto himself. Instead, the Travoltas have long blamed their son’s disability on Kawasaki Syndrome-related “environmental toxins,” specifically carpet cleaning chemicals.

Rumors about Jett Travolta’s disability have been floating around for years, but when no less than five sources (including a media rep from the Autism Society of America (ASA), an executive from Cure Autism Now, a major Hollywood producer and parent of an autistic child, and a Hollywood actor-parent) reported that Jett Travolta was afflicted did we decide to deliver this story. Scientology will not even recognize the disability, let alone the myriad therapies for treating it.

The CAN and ASA officials that spoke with Hollywood, Interrupted credited Sylvester Stallone and former pro football greats Doug Flutie and Dan Marino as celebrity parents of children with autism that have helped raise awareness of the malady. These celebs reportedly share their frustration with what they perceive as Travolta’s “denial” stemming from Scientology’s rabid hatred of psychiatry and judgment of those with psychological problems as lesser humans responsible for their own maladies.

This really makes me sick.


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